British Thread

- British Standard Pipe (BSP) is one of the most common fitting styles used worldwide. BSP is used on some of the world’s most recognized machinery such as Case IH, JCB, New Holland, and John Deere. British Standard Pipe threads are available in two versions, British Standard Parallel Threads (BSPP) and British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT).

- BSPP is very similar in appearance to American National Pipe Straight Mechanical (NPSM) fitting but the two are NOT interchangeable. While both NPSM and BSPP seal on the cone seat of the male / tapered nose of the female, the threads are different in most sizes.

- BSPT is also very similar in appearance to American National Pipe Taper (Fuel) (NPT(F)) adapters but just like the BSPP/NPSM fitting connection mentioned earlier, the BSPT/NPT(F) are NOT interchangeable due to subtle differences in size and thread form.

- Japanese Industrial Standard JIS 30° Flare uses the same thread size and form as the British Standard Pipe family of fittings. The JIS 30° Flare is very similar in appearance to the North American JIC 37° fitting (SAE J514) but is NOT interchangeable due to the difference in the sealing angle and the thread form and size. The JIS 30° fitting connection features a 30° chamfered seat angle on the leading end of the male fitting that fits snugly against the 30° angle machined into the bottom of the female fitting forming a metal-to-metal seal when tightened.

- Note: the thread sizes are often expressed as fractional dimensions preceeded by the letters “G” or “R”, where “G” represents a parallel thread and “R” represents a tapered thread. Example: BSPT 5/8-14 can be designated by R 5/8 and BSP 1/16-28 can be designated by G 1/16.